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TRPL and TRPL mapping ----- Fluo Time 300 and Micro Time 100 

PL Mapping.jpg

Description: Fluo Time 300 is a high performance fluorescence lifetime and steady state spectrometer. Micro Time 100 is a time-resolved fluorescence microscope. 
Fluo Time 300 is a fully automated, high performance fluorescence spectrometer for steady-state, life time and phosphorescence measurements. The Fluo Time 300 can be used to study fluorescence and phosphorescence decays from few picoseconds to several seconds. The Fluo Time 300 is equipped with a hybrid photomultiplier detector with spectral ranges between 380 to 890 nm and a detectable lifetime range of 25 ps to 10 µs.   

Micro Time 100 is equipped with an upright microscope BX43 from Olympus including a transmission illumination unit. The standard air objectives have the magnifications from 20x to 50x. 2-dimensional piezo scanning table with 80 µm x 80 μm scan range at nominal 1 nm positioning accuracy, mounted in objective scanning fashion. 

Both Fluo Time 300 and Micro Time 100 are coupled with picosecond pulsed laser sources with wavelengths of 405, 485 and 640 nm.
Time-Resolved Photoluminescence ----- HORIBA DeltaPro 

Description: HORIBA DeltaPro is a time correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) Lifetime Fluorometer 
Specifications: This system enables the seamless measurement of luminescence lifetimes from picoseconds to 1 second. The DeltaPro takes advantage of interchangeable pulsed laser-diode and LED light-sources. The NanoLED and DeltaDiode range of sources cover discrete emission wavelengths from 250 nm to the near-IR and enables measurement of lifetimes from ps to µs. 

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